A typical day with Elevate

Emilie Richoz, Elevate Dance Foundation student 2017

Are you interested in applying for one of Springs’ Training Courses? Our recently graduated Elevate Dance Foundation student, Emilie, shares what a typical day on the course looks like.

Both students from Elevate Dance Foundation and Elevate Dance Company begin every day with a time of devotion which allows us to start the day with God and to place each new day in His hands. During these times, we have looked at God’s nature, explored different ways to read the Bible and looked at God’s promises to name a few. Once a week we are given the opportunity to plan our own devotions, and take it in turn to lead the group - it is always a refreshing time! This is followed by some practical points and notices from the Elevate Co-ordinators about the coming days and weeks.

After that, it’s time to do our own warm up to be ready for the first lesson of the day. Technique classes are generally split for EDC and EDF students so we can work at our own pace and ability – though it’s a lot of fun when we have class all together. This term has generally started with a Ballet lesson. It’s an intense hour of ballet but has already been very effective in improving our technique, our turn out and our posture enabling us to do the exercises correctly and in a safe way. The teacher is very encouraging and goes over the exercises and positions with us to help us be the best we can be. We then have a one hour break for our lunch – our bodies very much need refuelling after ballet!

The afternoon begins with a Classic Repertoire class, (one of my favourites) where we learn some of the original choreography from Springs Dance Company. This year, we are working on the story of ‘Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’ from the Bible. We dance in small groups of three, each of us playing the role of one of the above characters, all of whom are really fun and unusual to play. The choreography includes some music hall and Charleston steps too, allowing us to combine dance and theatre which is really cool!

We end our afternoon with a Contemporary Class. I really like these classes as they are always different. We often start the lesson with one or two funny games with the aim of awakening our brain and our eyes (to make them alert and receptive for the rest of the class). Then the teacher teaches us various exercises and short phrases that warm up our bodies. I find it very interesting that even these warm up phrases make you feel like you are dancing and performing already. Then, it’s time to work on a new piece of choreography. I find that it always looks very difficult at the beginning, but with the help and support from the teacher, we master it and are happy by the end of the class. Recently, we’ve finished the lesson by working on the piece we are going to perform at the Elevate Dance Foundation graduation ceremony. The piece is based on the Bible and it allows us to link our faith to our dance which is something I was particularly looking forward to when starting the course. We are still working on this piece of choreography, finding ideas and rehearsing and I look forward to being part of the final result.

Setting time aside for my passion and having the opportunity to link my faith in God with dance was something I had always hoped for. When I found Springs Dance Company’s website and when I read their prospectus, it was like a revelation to me. It was there in black and white! I had to go and apply for the audition. I really encourage you to take the chance to come to Springs, it could be for an Open Workshop, a Summer course, or one of their Elevate training courses –  but do take the step because it’s worth it! Your life and the way you see dance and/or your faith in dance will be completely changed! Springs creates a safe and secure environment, with lovely teachers and coordinators who are always there to help you improve, making you feel comfortable and at home.

Please note: this article refers to a typical day on the course, so therefore does not cover all the classes on the course. Please look at the e-prospectus to see what else the course covers.

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