Theatre Workshops

Alongside their performances, SPRINGS DANCE COMPANY offers an exciting range of repertoire based workshops for all ages.

Probably the best dance I’ve seen in any school, ever!

School inspector describing a children’s performance after a 6 week residency with Springs Dance Company

The Magic Paintbrush

Get ready to leap, splatter, swirl, boogie and paint your world brighter with this energetic and fun filled workshop.

The Selfish Giant

Explore the world of The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.

The Wemmick Story

Have a go at being a Wemmick and have fun in the Wemmick Village. Find out what makes you special and have a go at creating some AMAZING dance moves!

Waterbugs and Dragonflies

Explore the underwater world of the waterbugs, and the beautiful sunlit world of the dragonflies. Laugh at the silly antics of the other bugs and find out how to fly!

The Loss of Someone Special

The Loss of Someone Special is a child bereavement project links to Waterbugs and Dragonflies.

Five a Day

This zesty, fruity workshop based on our work for teenagers can be adapted for ages 3 – teens and adults.

Create your own workshop

Springs Dance Company has an excellent programme of performance projects and residencies for young people. Workshops can be devised to fit in with your own ideas and timescale. Contact Us to find out what we can do for you.

Each workshop can be for up to 30 children (such as a school class group) and will suit boys and girls alike. The ideal length of workshops varies according to age:

  • Children aged 3–4 = 20–30 minutes
  • Children aged 5–7 = 45–60 minutes
  • Children aged 8–11 = 1–2 hours
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