Touring Performances

No theatre trips required - we can transform your school hall into a theatre, bringing our vibrant and educational performances to you.


Everything was slick and well organised. The group set up quickly with no fuss. The performance was excellent; enthralling, moving and inspiring. The Q & A session worked well with prepared questions. Highly recommended!

Bridget Lyons, Teacher at St Mark's School Bath


The Magic PaintbrushThe Magic Paintbrush

Can our imaginative young artist vanquish the mighty shadow of greed? Exploding with energy, surprises and giggles, and set to a quirky urban soundtrack, this is The Magic Paintbrush as never before.

The Magic Paintbrush is presented by Springs Dance Company, choreographed by Darren Ellis and directed by Nathan Stickley; produced by Artstrust Productions. R&D supported by Pavilion Dance and Arts Council England. 

It is made for everyone aged 3+, and will be enjoyed by adults and children alike 

To find out more or to book this show for 2017, contact the office.







The Journey of the MagiJourney of the Magi

A sparkling production of dance, theatre, song and poetry, now booking for Advent 2017. Entertaining, powerful and compelling, Journey of the Magi is the ultimate Christmas show and is enjoyed by adults and children alike. It can be accompanied by a workshop or series of workshops, in particular for secondary school students.

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