Hosting Springs Dance Company

General requirements

  • The dancers will need access to the venue approximately one and a half hours before an assembly and one hour before a workshop.
  • Depending on location, it may be necessary to provide accommodation for dancers/teachers both before and after an event. SDC members often stay with local hosts but the company will require B&B accommodation if staying in a home is not possible.
  • Please provide meals for SDC members for the duration of their stay. At least one hot meal is requested each day.


Requirements for workshops

  • SDC require a well ventilated but warm hall or large room, in which there should be space for each participant to turn with arms outstretched. A maximum of 30 participants are allowed with an ideal number of 20.
  • The floor needs to be safe for dancing with bare feet.
  • We would prefer a loud sound system to be supplied for playing CD’s and iPods, although we can supply our own CD player and speakers if necessary.
  • Participants should wear clothing that does not restrict their movement (T-shirt, tracksuit, leggings etc.)


Requirements for assemblies

  • A large flat space is necessary for performance assemblies - at least 6m by 6m clear, flat space. The floor needs to be safe for dancing with bare feet.
  • SDC owns a simple sound system but if the venue has a good quality built-in system, this may provide a better sound quality. SDC sound tracks are generally on CD or on iPod. You will need to provide an experienced person/student who can operate the sound system during the performance in either case. In large venues it may be necessary to provide a microphone for introductions.


Requirements for full-length performances

  • Performance requirements vary according to the show. Please contact the SDC office.
  • All performances require a minimum of 6m width by 6m depth clear, flat space.
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