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Springs Dance Company specialises in cross-curricular dance, in particular with Religious Education (RE), Citizenship and PSHE. Our theme-based workshops often link to our current performance programme and to the Literacy and Drama curriculum.

We deliver creative, inspiring, fun and energetic performances, workshops and assemblies. Workshops can be delivered in short sessions or we can stay for a longer residency and create a unique performance with your pupils. Themes can be selected from our popular themes below, or the focus and learning objective can be tailor made especially for you.

Schools can also opt to include a short or full-length performance by Springs and Q&A discussions that help young people focus on certain topics.

Citizenship and PSHE runs through everything that we do, and our workshops and performances aim to grow children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through dance. We value young people, giving them a voice and allowing them to thrive.

Probably the best dance I’ve seen in any school, ever!

School Inspector talking about a children’s performance as part of a six week project by Springs Dance Company


Children will engage with some of the parables that Jesus told through discussion and creative exploration. They will learn, create and perform movement. 

Children can make connections between the parables that Jesus told and their own lives.

A Christmas Story: Refugee

These workshops will guide pupils on a journey of dance, drama and discussion inspired by Anne Booth’s Christmas story Refuge. Children will uncover a relevant and meaningful telling of the first Christmas through learning, creating and performing movement.

Exploring Values

An engaging programme of workshops which explore the current British Values focus for schools and will grow children's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through dance.

The Easter Project

A series of dance workshops that helps children engage with the Easter story. The project enables children to explore their own spirituality as the workshops link Jesus' relationship with his disciples to Jesus' presence today. The workshops culminate in a performance of the Easter story by the pupils, which can be shown to school and parents alike.

You Are Special

Based on Max Lucado’s book You Are Special, children will follow the story of the Wemmick who struggles to fit in to the Wemmick village. One day his life changes forever as he learns the meaning of the words ‘You are special’! The story tackles the big issue of self-esteem and creates opportunities to discuss ideas about self-worth and how we treat others.

The Magic Paintbrush

Young people will experience the art of storytelling through dance in this creative, fun filled session under the expert tuition of Springs' professional dancers. School workshops link to PE/Dance/Literature/Drama and PSHE curriculum. The Magic Paintbrush also appears on the Oxford Reading Tree: Primary School Literacy Resource, listed in the Traditional Tales, making it the perfect work to explore at school.

Get Fit, Go Green!

Energetic, action packed dance workshops that help children think about climate change and improve their fitness. Ideal for use as part of PE and the sports premium funding. Get Fit Go Green also links to RE, PSHE / Citizenship and Drama.

Bethlehem Bound

During the workshops young people will explore the anticipation of the first Christmas through the eyes of the wise men and the angels - using dance, drama and discussion. Based on a poem by T.S. Eliot, Bethlehem Bound links to English, P.E. and R.E.


Step inside the magical wardrobe into the wonderful world of Narnia. Explore the themes of C.S. Lewis’ classic book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and learn about storytelling through dance.

Stepping Out

Workshops and a short performance that are ideal for class groups dealing with big changes such as moving school.


Jump into the first words in Genesis with a fresh look at the story of Creation. Explore the wonder of the world, look at the character of the creative, loving God at the heart of the story. Explore the role of people as stewards of our beautiful planet.

The Selfish Giant

Explore the world of The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.

Light of the World

“You are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:14. RE dance workshops inspiring children to follow Jesus’ example by being lights in the world.

The Loss of Someone Special

The Loss of Someone Special is a child bereavement project based on Doris Stickney’s popular children’s book Waterbugs and Dragonflies. The workshops and discussions enable children to discuss the difficult issues surrounding loss.

They were incredibly professional, organised, thorough and patient. They brought the best out in our children... I look forward to working together again next year! Although, I don't know how you can improve.

Margaret Moody, St Andrew's Catholic Primary School

Continuing Professional Development for Staff

Springs Dance Company can also deliver CPD for teachers. Sessions can take place during one session or run over a number of visits. The focus of these sessions can include creating motifs and movement sentences, the art of storytelling through dance, using a stimulus to create movement, exploring qualities and emotions through movement.

To book or for a friendly chat about what we do, please call us on 07775 628 442 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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