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The Journey of the Magi

Journey of the Magi

Forget The Nutcracker, Springs Dance Company’s Journey of the Magi is the best Christmas show I have ever seen! I went along to see it one dark, wet and dismal night in Birmingham and I came out having been touched, amused and moved to tears. The Journey of the Magi looks beyond the tinsel and trappings and reveals the real meaning of Christmas.

David Bintley CBE, Artistic Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet

Journey of the Magi is a sparkling production of dance, theatre, song and poetry. Entertaining, powerful and compelling, Journey of the Magiis back - and it’s as festive, witty and poignant as ever.

T S Eliot’s poem, Journey of the Magi is the inspiration for the show. We are reminded not only of the famous journey the wise men made following the star to Jesus, but also of the ‘journey’ each of us makes every year in preparing for Christmas day. Images from the poetry and familiar Christmas scenes explode in a mix of laugh-out-loud funny, moving and entertaining theatre and dance. The result? We hope not only to entertain, but to offer a chance to reflect and refocus.

Journey of the Magi is enjoyed by children and adults alike, and can be accompanied by a workshop or series of workshops in theatre, church, school or community settings. For a taster of the performance take a look at the trailer below.


To book for Advent 2017, please contact the office.



What touches me … is the youthful freshness and generosity which I experienced in your show Journey of the Magi. I have never laughed so much!

Audience member

This was a professional performance, executed with enthusiasm and elegance. An excellent interpretation of TS Eliot.

Michael Levitton, Managing Director, The Leatherhead Theatre Company

My family loved Journey of the Magi. I find moments still coming to me in flashbacks, causing me to laugh or ponder the message you were conveying. Your final scenes left people in tears. Journey of the Magi is a work of art and deserves the highest accolades.

Audience member

A brilliant evening! Superbly professional and the production is beautifully crafted.

Audience member

You refreshed me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Audience member





To book for Advent 2017, please contact the office.

Community and church venues will need a space of 6m by 6m on which we can lay our dance floor.

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