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Bread of Life

Bread of Life

Available for Lent and Easter 2018. 

Engage and inspire your local community and book Bread of Life for your church or school now.

Bread of Life is a dance performance about the sharing of bread and wine, a reflection on the last supper. It is a powerful image of Jesus’ presence among us today, communicating his desire to draw us together to eat and drink with him and each other. 

It has left a lasting impression on me.

Incredibly moving.

The most wonderful love story.

If that’s what Jesus is like then I’m in!

Audience feedback


This story is about you and me, today! At the beginning of the performance Jesus sends out an invitation to a meal that extends to both the dancers and the audience. The various responses that are portrayed allow the audience to consider their own response to this unique invitation.

As well as the show, we can include an introduction covering its themes of communion and relationship with Jesus and each other. Bread of Life can also be followed by a post show talk, question & answers and discussion, providing testimonies, the dancers’ experiences and a chance for the audience to ask questions. This part of the event can be tailor-made in advance to suit you and your audience.

Bread of life is ideal:

- as part of Easter / Lent service

- as part of a Lent course

- In Holy Week

- alongside a meal, and/or communion

- to reflect on and be active in our own communion, relationships and walk with Christ


Choreographed by Belfast based choreographer Suzannah McCreight, Bread of Life is a 50 minute dance theatre performance, with five characters and a simple and beautiful set. We need a clear flat performance area of 6m x 6m on which to lay our dance floor. The performance ideally take place in the round, with the audience on three or four sides where possible, as a way of illustrating the community Jesus would like to build with us.

Springs would love to hear from anyone interested in hosting a performance of Bread of Life. To book and for further information please contact us.



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