Church Dance Performances

The high quality, dynamic performances of SPRINGS DANCE COMPANY are designed to entertain, refresh and challenge audiences from all kinds of backgrounds.


For advent, we return with our ever popular Journey of the Magi - now in its 21st year of touring! Magical, moving and laugh out loud funny, Journey of the Magi looks at the journey we make each year to Christmas day.

Journey of the Magi is the best Christmas show I have ever seen! I went along to see it one dark, wet and dismal night in Birmingham and I came out having been touched, amused and moved to tears. Journey of the Magi looks beyond the tinsel and trappings and reveals the real meaning of Christmas.

David Bintley CBE, Artistic Director, Birmingham Royal Ballet


We are also taking bookings for Bread of Life. Engage and inspire your local community for Lent and Easter 2018. 

Bread of Life is a performance about the sharing of bread and wine. It is a powerful image of Jesus’ presence among us today, communicating his desire to draw us together to eat and drink with him and each other. 


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