How I found myself on a marvellous adventure

Linn Kassner, Elevate Dance Company member 2017

I’ve always admired people that were able to seize the moment and secretly wished I was a little more adventurous or spontaneous. I’m not usually like that, but this is my story of one of the few moments when I went for it.

Dance, singing and acting have always been a massive part of my life. But, when it came to applying to University, I deliberately chose not to study dance or musical theatre because, at the time, I didn't feel fit to take on such a challenging and competitive career. Instead, I decided to study social work, in the hope that, later on, I might combine both my passions and work socially through the arts. I first discovered Springs’ Dance Company’s year-long training course, Elevate Dance Company, in 2014, whilst at University still. Although I was really interested in the course, I didn’t apply for it straight away – the voice of reason in me felt that I should complete my degree first, and so I delayed.

As I approached graduation, I began to research Masters Degrees in the arts. I had reached my goals in Social Work and was now looking for something that would enhance my knowledge and experience in Performing Arts. However, I soon discovered that it was extremely difficult to get into onto an artistic Masters course when my Bachelor Degree was in a completely different field; I didn't get accepted at any of the universities I applied to.

Yet, Springs had never left my mind. So, when my university applications were declined, I went back to Springs’ website, read through the programme again and (thank God!) spontaneously wrote an email to them, asking if it was still possible to audition for the course. I hit send without showing it to my dad, who I normally let proof read, since he’s an English teacher and I am German. I knew if I had waited for him to check it rather than hitting the send button the minute I had composed the email, I would have found a gazillion reasons why I shouldn’t apply.  I knew I would have chickened out without even trying.

I must say, I am overly grateful, I didn't chicken out. This course is so much more than I could have ever wished for or even begun to imagine. I love the different dance styles and teachers! Whereas others took their first Street Dance classes on the course, I learned to love ballet - even though I still find it hard! It is something very special to have so many teachers who are constantly challenging you to step out of your comfort zone; to be the best dancer you can possibly be. Our teachers are quite amazing, having worked with fantastic choreographers and companies, as well as still dancing on the big stages.

On top of all that, I love the other girls and am trying hard to forget, that tour is nearly over and soon we will have to say our goodbyes. Besides all the knowledge, strength and technique, you also gain more confidence and fantastic friends. I am not quite the ‘Carpe-Diem-girl’ all the time, and still like to think things through, but I have learned to trust in myself and my gifts a little more. So, let me encourage you to seize the moment. Don’t think about all the reasons why you couldn't possibly apply, but rather, think about what you might miss out on if you don’t even give it a shot.

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