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Time for Change at Springs Dance Company

Having joined Springs as a dancer in 2007 and then becoming Assistant Director in 2010, Naomi Cook is stepping down from her role in the management of the Company in February 2017.

The last seven years has been an exciting time for Springs, with many areas of the Company developing and reaching more people. Speaking of her time at Springs, Naomi writes:

“When I first took on the role of Assistant Director, we were just starting to explore collaborative productions, and created The Selfish Giant. I am proud to have been part of a great team coming together to develop this area of the company, enabling us to create and tour our new production The Magic Paintbrush, which brings together dance and digital to create engaging and positive storytelling that speaks to both children and adults.

“A favourite show of mine as a performer has been Bread of Life (originally Living the Eucharist). I first started doing administration for Springs when a knee injury prevented me from performing the first ever tour of Bread of Life. At the time devastating, the performance has since re-toured three times, and as we tour Bread of Life again in 2017 it will bring me full circle to my first tour again ‘just’ as a dancer.

“I feel immensely grateful to have been working alongside Artistic Director Ruth Hughes for the past seven years, and am indebted to every person I have worked with for the artistic, administrative and spiritual journey that I have been on. Looking forward I am excited to see Springs continue to grow. I am happy to say I will still be part of the team of performers and teachers, as well as rehearsal director, and alongside that will have the space and time to discover where the journey is taking me next.”

Meanwhile at Springs, current Company Administrator Eliza Reger will step up to the role of Company Manager. From beginning as an apprentice with the Company six years ago, to working as Company Administrator for the last two years, Eliza is now excited to take on her new role and help the Company continue to develop over the coming years. In particular the areas she is eager to nurture are the schools workshop programme and aiding the Company in reaching wider audiences with dance that is both excellent and accessible for everyone.

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