An Online Dance Intensive.

Connect with Christian dancersteachers, organisations and companies from across the globe. 

Opportunities to meet, dance, discuss, share, create, pray, grow, worshiphealstrengthen, and explore. 

Classes, workshops and discussions for professionals and amateurs, beginners and improvers.

'It was fellowship online on a different scale. The opportunity to network with believers that are doing amazing things in unique ways.'

Olatomiwa Olowe, Nourish 2020 Participant

'I felt truly nourished in body and soul by the end of the event. Nourish weekend was the highlight of 2020 for me.'

Diana Yong, Nourish 2020 Participant

How does it work?

1) Registration Fee: £15

To sign up there is an initial registration fee. This gives you unlimited access to:

  • Daily coffee and chat/networking
  • Meet the artist sessions
  • Panel discussions

All sessions will be held on Zoom.

The registration fee is non-refundable.

2) Build your own timetable: £8 per class

You can then build your own timetable by signing up to classes one at a time. 

All sessions will be held on Zoom. 


The classes are suitable for all ages from 14+. There will be three streams for different levels of dance experience:

  • PROFESSIONAL: For dancers who have completed or are in professional training. 
  • INTERMEDIATE: For experienced dancers who take regular classes. You are fit and mobile.   
  • MAINSTREAM (General/Open Level): Classes for everyone including beginners and those who do not undertake formal training. Various levels of mobility and fitness are expected by our teachers. 

Please note that some classes are now SOLD OUT! See the list of classes below to see which classes are full.

Please note that some classes are now SOLD OUT! See the list of classes below to see which classes are full.

Click on the titles below to find out more about the classes and discussions on offer:

Discussions and Sessions included in registration fee

Daily Discussion Session Hosted by Artists House International

Andrew and Lara Pilcher, plus a panel of guests

Andrew and Lara from Artists House International will be hosting a daily discussion session for believer artists in all seasons, who seek to be inspired by the stories of other creatives.

Topics will include:

  • Leadership
  • How to protect yourself spiritually in the industry
  • Work, Worship and Witness


Daily Coffee and Chat

This will be a opportunity for all participants and contributors to come together in the middle of each day and connect with each other. Breakout rooms will be available for those that wish to break out into smaller groups or for particular networking groups.

Meet the Artist: Springs Dance Company

Hear from Artistic Director Ruth Hughes about the vision and work of Springs Dance Company. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A with Ruth and some Company Dancers.

Meet the Artist: Ad Deum Dance Company

Hear from Artistic Director Randall Flinn as he shares about moving forward with renewed vision and faith.

Meet the Artist: Ballet Magnificat

Kathy Thibodeaux, Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Magnificat, will share her story and passion to abandon oneself in worship and live according to the Word of God.

Movement Ministry in Churches Surgery

Come prepared with all of your questions about Movement Ministry in Churches. An opportunity to ask questions and hear from others who are called to dance in worship.

Using Dance to Communicate Social Justice Discussion

Hear from Founder of The Natashas Project, Erena Bordon Sanchez, as she discusses their approach to using dance to communicate social justice, including how they work with vulnerable people.

Q&A with Jiri Voborsky, Ballet Magnificat's Choreographer in Residence

Be inspired as you listen to Jiri's experience creating worship pieces and story ballets and ask questions about how you can be a tool in the Lord's hands.

Ballet Magnificat Performance

Ballet Magnificat's Trainee Company will perform the story of the "Sinful Woman".  As found in John 8, this story is told through dance, drama, and worship. It is our hope that the Lord would speak to you and transform your love toward Him!

Paid Classes and Workshops

Psalms & Stretches

Mainstream - Open Level

A gentle exercise class combining movement with meditation on scripture from the Psalms. The class includes reflection on scripture and prayer, stretching and mobilising exercises, and a moving meditation sequence. The class is done on an exercise mat (ideal but not essential), with bare feet, and we start seated so having a cushion and your bible to hand will be useful. Includes a relaxation to finish.

Accessible to all levels, participants are encouraged to listen to their bodies and do only what feels useful. A great warm-up or cool down to start or finish your day. 

SOLD OUT - Listening in Movement with Suzannah McCreight

Mainstream - Open Level

Considering the role of listening in love and in action, Suzannah will lead a movement session exploring the concept of whole body listening and how that affects our listening to God, taking in his Word, and being stirred to move.

Rhythm Dance Worship with Sarah Gaul

Mainstream - Open Level

A space to connect with God through dance & movement.

Rhythm is a dance worship workshop, consisting of a series of dance activities which will help lead you into worship. It is a safe space to worship God wholeheartedly using your mind, body and soul. 

No experience required. All welcome. 

SOLD OUT - Dancing Lament with Katie Albon

Mainstream - Open Level

"Weeping may tarry for the night but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5

Taking inspiration from scripture we will explore what it means to lament our broken world through movement. With our bodies we will pray, reflect, hope and cry out to a God who mourns with us.

(Photography by Nicole Guarino)

SOLD OUT - Finding Joy and Freedom through Movement with Heather Richmond

Mainstream - Open Level

A creative reconnecting to movement hour. Remembering who we are in our bodies, minds and faith whilst finding joy and freedom in movement. The session will begin with a brief introduction, an invitation into reflection, a 15 minute warm up and then guided creative improvisation.

(Photography by Lucy Broderick)

SOLD OUT - Moving in His Light with Ella Fleetwood

Mainstream - Open Level

‘My God turns my darkness into light’ - Psalm 18:28
Join us as we delve deeply into this verse and God’s Light. This session invites us to reflect, connect and worship through dance. 
Time For Him with Claire Grant

Mainstream - Open Level

Join us in God’s presence as we take time to meditate on his word. In this workshop we will discover the beauty of how simple postures and movement can help us to connect deeply with God as we pray and essentially take time to hang out with him. The focus not being on what shapes we make or what we look like doing them, but allowing ourselves to get lost in God’s presence as every pore of our being opens up to what he has for us in that moment...

General Level Contemporary with Naomi Cook

Mainstream - General Level

A contemporary dance class which will explore a range of movements and dynamics, with a focus on expansion and release. For certain parts of the class I will focus on giving you the time to really become confident with the movement and musicality. A class to enjoy!

(Photography by Stephen Rusk)

General Level Jazz with David Birch

Mainstream (general level)

Whether you have had experience in much jazz or not, this is a chance to experience classic Jazz technique. Where you can introduce or reacquaint yourself with styles such as Fosse and Matt Mattox. A safe environment to discover foundational core aspects of Jazz Dance in a lively and dynamic fashion.

Contemporary Dance for over 50's

Mainstream - General Level

A contemporary dance technique class specifically designed for the over 50s. The class will concentrate on improving strength, balance and cognitive awareness. Class will include seated warm up, centre work and a short choreographed phrase.

SOLD OUT - General Level Contemporary Ballet with Rachel Riveros

Mainstream - General Level

A fun class set to modern/popular music with clear descriptions and useful visual imagery for each exercise. Come and relax into your ballet class and enjoy moving whilst improving your technique!

Mime Technique - Illusion, with Daniel Cossette

Mainstream - Open Level

This session will give participants an overview of fundamental mime principles to create illusions like walls, ropes, balls, or walking in place. The class focuses on fixed-point, visualisation, approach, object contact, and principles of identifying unseen objects.

'The Rising' Repertoire Workshop with HeatherWalrond Company

Intermediate Stream (suitable for Intermediate and Professional Level)

Choreographer Heather Richmond will lead a short warm-up, followed by a section of the The Rising, which HeatherWalrondCompany has toured across UK and International theatres, orphanages, cathedrals and outdoor spaces for over five years. 

Looking at what makes us feel alive as people with themes of hope, surrender, community and connection, Heather will explain some of her creative methods and thoughts behind the work. 
(Photography by Dan Martin)
Contemporary Exploration with Sara Dos Santos

Intermediate Stream

Sara will provide a relaxed, rhythmic and explorative class suitable for intermediate and advanced dancers. This technical class will intertwine a combination of dance styles that include Release, Horton and Jazz techniques, and contemporary improvisation. Join Sara for 1 hour of pure joy, a little sweat and continuous flow.

(Photography by Akytom)

Intermediate Contemporary with Emily Yong

Intermediate Stream

This contemporary technique class will be free-flowing, expansive and dynamic. You will feel worked and challenged but in a relaxed and positive environment, so that you leave feeling refreshed and renewed. 

(Photography by Jack Thompson)

Intermediate Ballet with Ballet Magnificat

Intermediate Stream

Ballet technique taught by Kathy Thibodeaux, Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Magnificat

Intermediate Modern Dance Technique with Randall Flinn

Intermediate Stream

A perfect class for those desiring to enhance their abilities and understanding of modern dance principles with an emphasis on Graham and Limon based movement.

Hip Hop/Contemporary Fusion with Rebirth Dance

Intermediate Stream

Choreography class taking inspiration from hip hop foundations, fused with contemporary styles. With hip hop grooves to get us moving, we will then learn a routine that is expressive, free and authentic. Taught by Lauren Gosling.

How to use movement to communicate stories with Erena Bordon Sanchez

Intermediate Stream

A choreographic workshop, led by the Founder of The Natashas Project. Explore a different way of telling stories, with tasks and exercises getting you thinking out of the box.

Creating a Character with Xaris Finland

Intermediate Stream

This workshop gives you a taste of Xaris Finland's latest children’s piece, a fairy tale called “Räyhä” (Brawl) promoting accepting differences in order to overcome cultural barriers. The focus is on creating a character with movement. 

(Photography by Ari Vitikainen)

Advanced Modern/Contemporary Dance Technique with Randall Flinn

An inspirational and informative class for the integration of body, soul, and spirit. The class is challenging yet creatively stimulating. There will be a focus on Graham and Humphrey-Limon based technique.

Professional Masterclass with Ballet Magnificat

Professional Stream

Professional Ballet Masterclass with Jiri Voborsky, Ballet Magnificat's Choreographer in Residence. A challenging advanced ballet technique class by dancer and choreography, Jiri Voborsky. 

Repertoire with Ballet Magnificat

Intermediate Stream (suitable for Intermediate and Professional Level)

Learn a new piece of choreography entitled 'Sing to Jesus', created by Ballet Magnificat's Choreographer in Residence, Jiri Voborsky. Choreography will be taught by Ballet Magnificat Events Company dancer, Stacy Graham.

Advanced Jazz with David Birch

Professional Stream

Come and experience a dynamic jazz class, based on styles such as Fosse, Matt Mattox, Jerome Robbins and more. Learn to look at routines and find the most exciting dynamics within them, then applying a strong emotive and focused storytelling centre.  

Company Class with E33 Dance Company

Professional Stream

Come and join e33 dance company for their typical warm up. An advanced/professional contemporary ballet class, set to an eclectic mix of music styles. Expect to feel like you have worked every muscle in your body whilst also experiencing a lot of fun and joy!

Company Class with The Natashas Project

Professional Stream

An opportunity to gain insight into how The Natashas Project works in the studio on rehearsal and show days.

Company Class with Springs Dance Company

Professional Stream

Come and join Company Dancer and Rehearsal Director Katie Albon, as she leads a full-bodied and dynamic professional-level contemporary class with an emphasis on moving expansively in a small space. 

(Photography by Claremont Photography)

Ad Deum Repertory Class

An advanced/professional level modern dance choreography to the beauty of composer Arvo Part’s Magnificat. Taught by Randall Flinn.

Dancers can also take this class if desired as an audition for Ad Deum. 

Repertoire Workshop with Springs Dance Company

Professional Stream

In this session we will learn a solo from Springs Dance Company's Inside Out, choreographed by Suzannah McCreight. Set to the words of people's testimonies, Inside Out delves inside the worlds of ordinary people and explores the vibrant, complex realities of faith. If you like getting stuck into learning material, this one is for you! Taught by Company Dancer and Rehearsal Director Emily Yong.

Dance Movement Psychotherapy Experiential Talk

Professional Stream

In light of the growing impact on mental health, especially on artists, during the pandemic this experiential talk aims to offer insight and support for any dancers who are interested in maintaining their mental as well as physical health during this time and beyond. 

Kimberley is motivated to raise awareness of the accessibility of Dance Movement Psychotherapy and to the power of this modality, when both mind and body are in states of overwhelm.  

This experiential talk explores dance and movement beyond performance but as vessels for communication, expression, healing and empowerment. Encouraging you to find you own internal rhythm, mindful that when words are hard to find, dance can be your voice. | @kimberleyRDMP 

Advanced Hip Hop with Rebirth Dance

Professional Stream

Taking you through a dope hip-hop routine by Rebirth member D7. The class will touch on the fundamentals of groove and train you on how to catch, execute & perform hip-hop choreo in your way.

Teachers and Contributors

We are excited to have a wonderful team of teachers from all over the globe joining us for this event. Click on their name below to find out more about them.

Andrew Pilcher
Senior Dance and Vocal Physiotherapist

Andrew Pilcher is a physiotherapist working extensively with dancers, singers, acrobats, musicians and other high level performers and has a passion to help them achieve their full potential. He is also a skilled Vocal physiotherapist and teaches Clinical Conditioning.
Uniquely skilled in manual therapy or ‘hands on’ treatment, Andrew prefers this as the most effective treatment option. He has an APMA equivalent accreditation in Clinical Pilates and uses dry needling when appropriate during treatments. Andrew also has an interest in treating issues arising from hypermobility.
Andrew worked for seven years in London at PhysioEd Medical, servicing over 30 West End productions. In addition to this he has extensive TV experience with BBC television performing shows. As well as expertise with performers in the commercial, classical and music theatre fields.
An extensive background in Vocal Physiotherapy, has led Andrew to lecture in many of London’s top performance institutes. Currently he lectures at The University of Melbourne in the Dance department within the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), teaching anatomy and physiology.
Andrew trained in Perth, Western Australia and has a performance background himself in music, singing and acting. He is married to a Musical Theatre performer, actress and choreographer/producer and has two young children. During his free time Andrew loves running, cycling and producing arts initiatives with his wife.

Anna Arnold
National Coordinator of Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain (CDFB)

Anna is an experienced dancer, teacher and workshop leader. After graduating from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, Anna went on to dance for the Vienna Festival Ballet touring Europe and the UK. After a break of some 10 years she was called to dance for the Lord and joined the CDFB shortly afterwards. Anna regularly leads workshops for the CDFB and has been privileged to teach for the ICDF. She became National Coordinator in 2020. Anna is also a member of 3rd Stage Dance Company, a UK dance company which seeks to keep dancers dancing.

Claire Grant
Dance Teacher, Pilates Instructor and Psalms & Stretches Instructor

Claire (aka Fizzy!) trained at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the London Contemporary Dance School, where she toured with EDge06. Claire has worked for Opera North and Royal Opera House Covent Garden as a dancer, dance captain and assistant choreographer. Claire restaged the ROH’s AIDA in Valencia at the Palau De Les Art.

Claire has also worked for Loop, Springs Dance Company, James Wilton at Sadler's Wells, and has been a dancer and dance captain in 'The Snowman', London's West End as well as appearing in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Evita.

Teaching Credits include RAD Step into Dance programme, Richard Alston Dance Company, Loop Dance Company, Springs Dance Company, The Centre for Advanced Dance Training, The Place Evening School Classes, Birmingham DanceXchange, The Lowry, SOTE and Birmingham Royal Ballet’s community outreach. Claire also ran Holy Trinity Brompton's Dance ministry for a number of years.

Daniel Cossette
Company Member at Springs Dance Company, Artistic Director of Infusion Physical Theatre

DANIEL COSSETTE is a classically trained mime from Mimeistry International, touring with Mimeistry 2000-2002. He launched Ambassador Arts, encompassing mime, dance, storytelling, ventriloquism, and fire spinning, premiering the shows Say it Loud! and Christmivest 2002-2009. Daniel was invited to dance with Ad Deum Dance Company, Houston TX where he danced from 2009-2013, then moved to England and joined Springs Dance Company. Dan has performed in prelude to Dance Houston, Alvin Ailey, Mark Morris, and at Project Dance, Resolutions Dance Festival, and Sprung! He has taught mime, dance, and stage combat for Houston Ballet, the Alley Theatre, and Society for Performing Arts.

Daniel Seven
Dance Choreographer

Daniel Seven is a professional dance coach/choreographer, formerly the Artistic Director of the award winning Christian hip-hop dance company 'The Rebirth Network'. He has worked extensively in the commercial dance industry, with credits including BBC, X-factor, MTV and more.

David Birch
West End Performer and Co-Founder of West End Has Faith

David started performing from a young age and trained at Bodywork in Cambridge. God has blessed him with the joy of working in the industry for over 15 years, performing in West End shows such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Singing in the Rain, Groundhog Day, Matilda, Half a Sixpence, Mary Poppins, 42nd Street as well as many others. He enjoys performing very much but loves sharing his faith in Jesus even more. Alongside Katy Treharne, David Co-founded West End Has Faith and has a heart to reach the arts industry.

Ella Fleetwood
Company Dancer for Springs Dance Company and Freelance Dance Artist
Ella is a contemporary dance artist based in London. Ella trained on the CAT scheme at The Place and graduated with a First Class degree from Trinity Laban in 2016. 
Ella has enjoyed performing with Springs Dance Company, Bicycle Ballet, Danielle Teale’s CID Project and in her own work through her company ella&co. She has previously received choreographic commissions from Big Ideas, GradLab Project and Newcomen Collet Foundation and her work is currently supported by Arts Council England and South East Dance. 
Ella loves teaching in a range of community settings. Inclusivity, creativity and play are at the heart of her teaching practice. Ella is a lead dance artist for Sadler’s Wells, DanceWest, Springs Dance Company and Magpie Dance for adults with learning disabilities. 
Emily Yong
Company Dancer at Springs Dance Company

Emily trained at Rambert School, where she had the opportunity to work with Christopher Bruce, Robert Cohan and Darren Ellis. After graduating with a First Class Honours degree, Emily has enjoyed performing with Springs Dance Company, English National Opera, Off The Map, E33, The Knotted Project and Hawk Dance Theatre. Emily also has a passion for teaching dance to people of all ages and abilities and has taught extensively around the UK. It brings Emily joy when dance brings communities together.

Emma Wilson

Psalms & Stretches Instructor

Emma was previously a dancer and is now a dance film-maker and also a practitioner in dance, teaching at The University of West London. An accomplished performer, having trained at the Royal Ballet School and LAMDA, as well as career on the West End, Emma also has years of experience running dance classes as part of church outreach and knows firsthand what an important part creative offerings can play within the church's ministry to the community around it. Emma previously lead the Soho Vineyard church with her husband Ed, which is how P&S Founder Ruth and Emma met. Having known Ruth for years and seen Psalms & Stretches develop, Emma felt called to use her skills and experience to help further the vision and has been a great support since she joined in 2019. Emma is passionate about sharing the vision of Psalms & Stretches, connecting instructors, churches and communities with this exciting new resource.

Erena Bordon Sanchez
Founder of The Natashas Project

Upon graduating from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. Erena founded The Natashas Project, a professional dance company combating modern slavery and human trafficking, in 2013. Alongside her work with the organisation Erena has performed for other companies and choreographers in the UK. Erena’s favourite thing is being a light in her workplace and seeing how God can use her, not just through her but through her performance also. Erena is also on the core team for organisation West End Has Faith.

Helen Fletcher

Psalms & Stretches Instructor

Helen has been dancing ever since she can remember, and for much of that time has been passionate about using movement as an expression of faith. She trained at Roehampton University and as an apprentice with Springs Dance Company, after which she developed a ‘two-pronged’ career in community dance and charity finance. As a community dance facilitator, Helen has worked for many years in schools, churches, community centres and residential homes. She loves the capacity movement has for improving people’s physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and was delighted to discover Psalms & Stretches. During a time when our holistic health has been brought into sharp focus for us all, Psalms & Stretches has been a real source of nourishment for Helen and she looks forward to giving that same opportunity to the classes she now teaches.

Heather Richmond
Artistic Director of HeatherWalrondCompany

Heather is the Artistic Director for HeatherWalrondCompany, her own touring professional dance company based in Devon. She is the Head of Movement at Plymouth Conservatoire and is a Higher Education Fellow. She is passionate about making a difference to people's lives by helping them feel alive and empowered through dance and live music

Heather grew up in Devon and went on to complete the apprenticeship with Springs Dance Company in 2011 with the opportunity to also train with Ad Deum Dance Company in Texas. She then went on to train at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in July 2014. Since graduating, Heather was invited to perform, choreograph and teach with ‘Vou Dance Company’ in Fiji for 4 months, touring around the Fiji Islands and New Zealand.
In 2015 she then returned to Devon and over the last five years has received around £200,000 in Arts Council Funding to develop her professional work and tour around Africa, Norway and the UK theatre's and Cathedrals.

She is 1 out of 2 winners of the Marie McCluskey Dance Makers Fund 2017-2018 at Swindon Dance and was selected for the Lisa Ullman Travel Scholarship in 2018.

Jiri Voborsky

Artistic Director of Ballet Magnificat

Jiri Sebastian Voborsky was born in the Czech Republic and entered into professional training at the Liberec State Ballet School in 1989. In 1993, he graduated with honors received a contract from the Opera Ballet of the Moravian National Theatre.

However, Jiri felt the Lord calling him to turn down the contract and immigrate to the United States. He began touring with Ballet Magnificat! in January 1994. In 2005, Jiri became the Artistic Director of Ballet Magnificat! Omega. Currently he serves as Resident Choreographer and Creative Director.

Jiri has traveled around the United States as well as in the Czech Republic, Greece, The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Poland, Macedonia, Belgium, Central America, Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa, Serbia, Armenia, and Singapore, performing and conducting Master Classes and Workshops.

Johanna Halén

Xaris Finland Company Dancer

Johanna Halén has been a member of Xaris Finland since the beginning, and she is one of the cornerstones in the work and vision of the company. Johanna graduated as a dance pedagogue from Kuopio Conservatory, and she has also studied at Helsinki Theatre Academy. Alongside working in Xaris, she teaches contemporary dance, ballet and jazz at Nurmijärvi Dance Academy.

Kathy Thibodeaux

Founder and Artistic Director of Ballet Magnificat

Kathy Thibodeaux began her dance training at the age of six with the Jackson Ballet School under the direction of Albia Kavan and Rex Cooper. When the Jackson Ballet Company turned professional in 1978, Kathy was one of the first dancers to be contracted. Soon after being a contracted dancer, Kathy soared to the highest levels of the company, becoming a Principal Dancer, a position she held successfully until 1986.

In 1982, Kathy was awarded a silver medal for her performance at the II USA International Ballet Competition (IBC), where she premiered her solo piece, “We Shall Behold Him.” She was featured in the 90-minute ABC/PBS documentary, “To Dance for Gold," which documented her progress through the II USA IBC and her silver medal win.

Her desire to use her God-given talent of dance to share her faith in Jesus Christ led Kathy to resign from Ballet Mississippi and found her own company, Ballet Magnificat!, in 1986.

Katie Albon

Company Dancer at Springs Dance Company

Katie graduated from Laban with a First Class BA (Hons) in 2013. She then achieved a Distinction for her MA in Dance Performance at the University of Chichester and toured internationally with MAP Dance performing works by Kerry Nichols, Gary Clarke, Yael Flexer and Liz Agiss.

As a performer she has worked with numerous companies and choreographers including Springs Dance Company (performer and rehearsal director), Autin Dance Theatre, Ascension Dance and Caldonia Walton as part of Birmingham Dance Networks ‘Choreomatch’.

Katie has enjoyed teaching and facilitating for a range of organisations including Birmingham DanceXchange, Open Theatre and Springs Dance Company and is passionate about bringing people joy through movement.

Kimberley Pena

Kimberley Pena is a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Dance Artist, and Well-being Presenter. 

Kimberley trained at Elmhurst Ballet School and Bird College. After working in the industry, Kimberley pursued her Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Roehampton University. 

As a registered DMP, Kimberley facilitates the Psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance, to further a person’s emotional, cognitive, physical, and social integration. Kimberley facilitates DMP within her local NHS mental health service alongside her own private practice. 

Kimberley has appeared on various Podcasts, Journal Publications, BBC Radio and Well-Being events. Her most recent collaboration with Capezio London supporting Dancer’s Mental Health. | @kimberleyRDMP 

Lara Bianca Pilcher
Professional Performer, Dance News Journalist, Podcast Host and Founding Director of Artist's House International

Lara Bianca Pilcher is a professional performing artist and a highly-skilled arts educator. Lara holds her Masters in Musical Theatre from Arts Educational School in London (president Andrew Lloyd Webber), RADA training and has decades of shows in Theatre, TV and Film under her belt, as a globally experienced performer.

Lara has been the director of her own dance studio and managed 200 students and 12 staff, the leader of the Acting and Musical Theatre department at a well know college in Melbourne, Australia and one of the founding producers of Project Dance in London and Sydney. Lara has developed the 'dance as worship' course and taught dancers how to be free all around the world. Lara is part of the key leadership within the mission organisation, Creative Arts Europe and founded Artist's House International and its podcast that captures believer artist's stories to inspire a generation. Lara is also the News Journalist for Dance Informa Magazine in both the USA and Australia, the host of the Vic Dance Podcast and a regular red carpet guest as she captures interviews with the arts industries elite performers and stars.

Lara is a gifted and inspiring voice in the arts industry with a gift of encouragement.

Lauren Gosling
Lauren trained at Middlesex University (2014) in contemporary and jazz. Lauren continued her training in hip hop and street dance styles, she now works on a freelance basis teaching and performing. Her heart lies in hip hop and movement theatre; telling stories through a fusion of dance styles and forms. Lauren was a company member of The Rebirth Network and Definitives Dance Crew. Credits include Breakin Convention, Move It!, Schwartzkopf, Magnum, Dancers Delight and more. Lauren also creates her own choreography and projects, mainly concept videos, which can be found on her YouTube channel - Lauren Gosling.
Naomi Cook

Freelance Dance Artist and Teacher

Naomi is based in Belgium, working as a dancer, teacher and dance management consultant. As well as working with children, teenagers and adults in Brussels, her freelance teaching still her back to the UK as well as to projects such as Project Play in Northern France. Naomi trained at Central School of Ballet and during her career in the UK flitted between dancer, rehearsal director, and education specialist with companies such as Maiden Voyage Dance Company, The Royal Opera House, Artis and Springs Dance Company. Naomi was Assistant Director for Springs between 2010-2017 and is now Artistic Consultant.

Rachel Riveros

Freelance Dance Artist and Artistic Director of E33 Dance Company

Rachel Riveros danced with Manchester City Ballet Company before relocating to London to explore contemporary forms of dance. She founded E33 Dance company in 2011 focusing on fusing Contemporary Ballet with Capoeira. Her company have performed at The Place, Ballet Rambert and between 2016-18 she created her first film which has shown at The Turbine Theatre, Battersea Power station, Wandsworth Fringe festival and further afield in Finland and Switzerland. Rachel is also a regular guest teacher at Theatre Avatar, Poland. When Rachel’s not dancing she is passionate about mentoring young people and loves teaching the Shine program to young women across London. In 2020 E33 Dance Company launched a brand new children’s company to work alongside the already established professional and youth companies. 

Randall Flinn
Artistic Director of Ad Deum Dance Company

Randall Flinn is the Founder/Artistic Director of Ad Deum Dance Company, the premiere professional Christian modern/contemporary in the USA. Mr.. Flinn has traveled globally as a master dance educator and choreographer. His choreography has been commissioned by dance companies in many nations. He has conducted master classes for Hong Kong Ballet, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center, Houston Ballet Academy, Ballet Magnificat, Project Dance London, Sydney and Paris, Springs Dance UK, and for Cirque Du Soleil. 

Mr. Flinn believes that dance can inspire and transform people, communities and nations. It is with this mission and belief that he has traveled for many years as a visionary, pioneer and ambassador of dance to many nations.

Robyn Peters

Psalms & Stretches Instructor

Robyn is an accomplished dancer and dance teacher who founded So Sacred; a Christian dance company, based in Bournemouth. She runs several dance classes in the area of Dorset, is an active member of her church, Destiny Life Church, and is also currently studying Physiotherapy at Southampton University. Robyn is passionate about worship through movement and helping others take care of their wellbeing. She was inspired to become a Psalms & Stretches instructor as a way of continuing to use her gifts to bring glory to God and to expand her offering to her community.

Ruth Hughes
Artistic Director of Springs Dance Company

Ruth trained at Trinity Laban, and then qualified as a teacher from Brighton University. Ruth joined Springs as a dancer in 1997, and was appointed Artistic Director in 2003. She has also danced for Marina Collard and Suzannah West Dance Company. Ruth has taught extensively in schools, colleges and universities. Since becoming director for Springs Dance Company she has co-choreographed several works for the company including Waterbugs and DragonfliesJourney of the MagiCredoCargo and Passage.

Sara Dos Santos

Freelance Dance Artist

Sara Dos Santos is a London based Choreographer, Cultural Producer and Researcher known for interlacing various dance styles, cultural influences, and international experiences to develop work that audiences describe as engaging, thought-provoking and emotionally driven. Her work has previously been presented at internationally recognised institutions, including Royal Court Theatre, The Place London Sadler’s Wells - Lilian Baylis Theatre, Peepul Centre (Leicester), Stratford Circus, Trinity Centre (Bristol) and Centro Cultural UFG (Brazil). With an ambition to shift invisible boundaries and raise the profile of unrepresented voices in the UK, Sara is keen to provide a more accessible and inclusive arts sector for all through her work.

Sarah Gaul

Freelance Dancer and Teacher

As a freelance dancer and teacher, Sarah has provided therapeutic dance classes for survivors of trafficking and adults with learning disabilities. She has been exploring the link between dance and dancing in the Spirit and sees dance as a creative means to express emotions and draw close to God in worship.

Sarah oversees Dance Worship at St Peters, Brockley and has been part of worship teams at numerous events including HTB Healing Rooms and David’s Tent.

Sarah trained at London Contemporary Dance School and then joined Transitions Dance Company at Laban, graduating with an MA in Dance Performance.

Stacy Graham

Ballet Magnificat Events Company Dancer

Originally from Panama City, FL, Stacy grew up dancing competitively, studying ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary. In 2019 Stacy graduated from Florida Southern College with a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography as well as a BS in Accounting. At Florida Southern College she was honored to win Dance Major of the Year her freshman year, as well as receive Outstanding Performer awards the following two consecutive years. In her senior year she was presented with the Wynee Warden award recognizing a graduating dance major for excellence in technique and artistry. Stacey joined Ballet Magnificat’s Trainee Program in 2019. Currently Stacy is now dancing with Ballet Magnificat’s Events Company as well as teaching in Ballet Magnificat’s School of the Arts.

Suzannah McCreight
Freelance Choreographer and Contemporary dance tutor

Suzannah grew up in Cornwall before training at TrinityLaban on the BA and MA courses. She has danced in companies such as Transitions, Scottish Dance Theatre and Maiden Voyage, lectured at TrinityLaban and University of Ulster and worked as BareBones’ rehearsal director. Now based in Belfast, choreographic commissions have included pieces for Maiden Voyage, Open Arts, BBC/Imagine Media, and De Stilte in Holland. For Springs Dance Company, Suzannah created 'The Wemmick Story', 'Bread of Life', and 'Inside Out’. Recently Suzannah completed the Cornhill Bible Course. She hopes to continue work on a solo and researching the topic of 'joy'.


  • Artist's House International

    Artist's House International works internationally in creative missions, seeking to help transform lives through the tool of creativity as well as producing arts events and forming a global community. Andrew and Lara Pilcher Founded Artists House International in 2009 in London. Its purpose is two-fold; 1) Transforming lives through the tool of creativity. 2) To give career creatives a purpose alongside their own careers and a way to use their incredible gifts to bring LIFE to young people in Europe and beyond. AHI has a fortnightly Podcast. This Podcast is for believer artists in all seasons, seeking to be inspired by the stories of other career creatives. Hosted by Actress-Singer-Dancer, Lara Bianca Pilcher & Performers Physiotherapist, Andrew Pilcher. More information is available here:

  • Ad Deum Dance Company

    Ad Deum Dance Company is the premiere professional modern/contemporary dance company in the USA. Established in 1984 by founder and Artistic Director, Randall Flinn, Ad Deum has become an internationally recognized company in both the Christian and mainstream arts community. Dancers have entered the company from many nations, building a global arts community and network.

  • Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain

    The CDFB is a network that connects dance enthusiasts who share the Christian faith. We aim to be a place of connection and meeting for people with a Christian faith who are seeking to explore, understand and develop their relationship between dance and faith. The CDFB is part of ICDF (International Christian Dance Fellowship).

  • E33 Dance Company

    E33 Dance Company founded in 2011 is a professional dance company that also has a children's and youth dance company component. Our heart is to bring the good news of the gospel to those who may never set foot in a church. We work predominantly in contemporary ballet with influences from capoeira and other modern dance styles. We have performed at 'Resolution' Dance Festival, Ballet Rambert, Battersea Power Station and we created our first short dance film 'Pursue Me' in 2018. To see this work please visit  where you can also enjoy 'The Peace Project' featuring our teenagers and youths, along with our professionals, dancing from their homes and gardens to bring hope to those affected physically and emotionally by Covid19.

  • HeatherWalrond Company

    An international award- winning touring professional dance company based in Devon. The company's mission is to celebrate life, uplift people, connect communities and transform individuals by creating uplifting, empowering dance work that excites, encourages and gives hope to audiences and participants. The Company took off the ground in May 2015 with continued support from Arts Council England and since then have toured all over the world. We have created work for orphanages, churches, schools, theatres, festivals, cathedrals and outdoor environments. We are passionate about connecting with communities who don’t usually engage with the arts.

  • Infusion Physical Theatre

    Infusion Physical Theatre combines contemporary dance, non-traditional partnering, mime, puppetry and circus with soulful touches of humor, longing, tragedy, and the human spirit in bodily form. Founded in 2013 by Cambridge-based artists Daniel and Melanie Cossette, Infusion has performed site-specific work for the National Trust’s Winter Lights, performed in Project Dance London and Paris, in Resolution! Dance Festival (London), Sprung (Queens College, Cambridge), launched an innovative new dance café, as well as teaching regularly both locally and abroad. With a Christian ethos Infusion seeks to engage audiences in physical discussions of life, social justice and faith through the body and movement.

  • Psalms & Stretches

    Psalms & Stretches is a place where wellbeing meets worship. A gentle exercise class combining movement with meditation on scripture from the Psalms. Developed by dancer and Pilates instructor, Ruth Carpenter, this accessible programme is now taught by a growing number of instructors, using their gifts and talents in movement to serve God and their communities.

  • Springs Dance Company

    Springs Dance Company is a vibrant contemporary dance organisation bringing creative and engaging dance to a diverse range of venues and communities. Founded over 40 years ago, we are one of the longest-established dance companies in the UK.

    We are a unique company working with theatres, schools and church communities.  We create, we perform, we teach and we discuss.

    We are committed to making excellent dance that is relevant and life enhancing for everyone. Our work has a voice, telling inspiring and challenging stories through dance and theatre. We nurture and connect people and communities, and we encourage those of all ages to enjoy dance.

  • The Natashas Project

    The Natashas Project was founded in 2013. It is a professional dance company combating modern slavery and human trafficking.Today they perform to audiences across the country raising awareness, deliver workshops in schools and also deliver restorative workshops to survivors themselves.

  • The Rebirth Network

    The Rebirth Network is an award-winning urban dance company based in London UK, bringing both entertaining and soul-captivating concepts to the world’s stage. 

    A culturally diverse, multifaceted company, Rebirth fuses hip hop, contemporary, mime and dance theatre like no other.

  • West End Has Faith

    By sharing Jesus and nurturing a Christian community, West End Has Faith seeks to support industry professionals within Theatre, Music and Dance.

  • Xaris Finland

    Xaris Dance is originally an international dance company founded by Creative Arts Europe in 1996. Over the years, more than 50 dancers from 25 nations have joined Xaris Dance for its international tours all around Europe. Today, Xaris Finland carries on with the vision and the work with its unique Finnish flavour. The professional company consists of 6–10 dancers with a trainee’s program of 15 young, aspiring dancers as well as a school providing dance classes for all ages, taught by qualified dance teachers. With its versatile repertoire, Xaris Finland performs in schools, theaters, festivals and churches all around the country. Xaris Finland collaborates with Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission enjoying a nation wide voice and reputation. / FB: Xaris Finland / Insta: @xarisfinland  


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